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Why do you invest?

Whilst you will have your own personal reasons to invest, one desire undoubtedly unites investors the world over, and that is to achieve the greatest return on their investment, within the risk parameters they are prepared to accept with their money.

However, we often spend so much time working or looking after the demands of others, that we rarely have the time to stop and question our own financial position from a different perspective.

When was the last time you asked yourself:

  • Why do I invest?
  • Am I getting value for money for the capital risk I am taking?
  • What am I hoping to achieve with my money?
  • Will I be in a strong enough financial position to enjoy the lifestyle that I have, or aspire to, whatever happens?
  • Do I have sufficient capital and income to protect my lifestyle, both pre and post retirement?
  • Will my capital last longer than my lifetime?
  • Is there sufficient in the pot to cover long term care if required in later life?
  • Am I able to provide a legacy fund to pass down to future generations?

Investing can often relate to security; building up a sufficient nest egg to provide you with a range of options in later life.

But, is ‘sufficient’ really enough? After all, it’s your money, and you are taking all the financial risk – you should be the major beneficiary of the growth.

Our report is designed to help you achieve a greater understanding of the real potential of your portfolio.

By analysing your holdings, we can make personal recommendations based on the 5 key areas that will enhance or damage your future long term wealth.

Simply by becoming aware of this information, you will be better placed to make a judgement on whether you currently have an efficient portfolio that will provide you with the lifestyle you desire or is, in fact, negatively impacting your finances.

Either way, you’ll win; as the information provided via your complimentary SOS Report will help you make an informed decision.

The SOS analysis will highlight:

  • Risk
    In the current global economic climate, are you taking too much or too little investment risk with your portfolio?
  • Performance
    Are you getting the market returns for the level of investment risk you are taking? We highlight whether the performance of your funds is in line with market expectations, or creating a negative drag on your wealth.
  • Tax Efficiency
    Is your portfolio structured in the most efficient way? Are there more favourable opportunities to ring fence and protect your money?
  • Diversification
    Do you have a defined and sustainable investment strategy or are you chasing markets? Where in the world is your money invested? Do you have too much of your capital invested in one market sector?
  • Cost
    We will calculate how much is currently being taken from your portfolio in industry fees and the negative impact this may be having on your future wealth.

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