Practical Retirement Planning and Investment advice

Learn how to become pension wise and retirement savvy with Hannah Goldsmith's retirement advice.

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Practical retirement planning & investment advice for company directors

Download your personal copy of Hannah’s book today from Amazon and start applying the powerful, practical advice she shares in this ground breaking book. Take back control of your money from the banks, wealth managers and discretionary fund managers and start learning the tactics Hannah shares to retire faster.

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Reviews of the Book

Low fee investing

A very good read for anyone wanting to understand how their investments can generate a higher return by simply reducing the fees charged. 5 Stars - An avid reader

Solid advice about how you can take back control if your financial future

Plain speaking no nonsense explanation if how we are all conned by the financial services industry and what we can do about it by taking back control. I should have read this 10 years ago. 5 Stars - Ian Overton

This book is a detailed study of the wider issues …

This book is a detailed study of the wider issues that drive the performance and fee behaviour in the retail investment market and makes a lot of sense given the changes over the past 10-15yrs. There are some cold hard truths out there that all of us with pension funds and capital to invest need to think about seriously given the way the market now works and how risks present themselves. A well researched book with some compelling conclusions, well done Hannah. 5 Stars - simonaero

Why give your money away?

The author of this book explains that most financial advisers and institutions do not operate in the best interests of the clients, but to maximise their own profits through exorbitant fees. The actual percentage charged may appear relatively low but compounded can knock tens of thousands off your final pension fund. Along the way you are likely to be taking unnecessary risks through the lack of diversification of your portfolio. Fund managers in their efforts to meet market indexes and targets end up adding more costs to their clients through regular transaction charges The book provides a number of practical illustrations of the affects of fees, transaction charges and risks on investors. Definitely a read for all investors not just company Directors. 5 Stars - SJB

A must read

A must read for planning retirement. 5 Stars - Amazon Customer

Common sense and useful pointers

Useful reminder that the FS community is looking for profits for itself first so we should be more sceptical. Will look into the costs that we're paying! 4 Stars - David Bailey

Retire Faster? Yes it can be done!!

I had the opportunity of meeting with Hannah and heard first hand how to Retire Faster. Her book does what it says, it gives 'Practical Retirement Planning' to help you retire faster. Hannah has brought the subject to life, make it meaningul and appropriate to all readers, writing must read for anyone interested in understanding how finances and financial planning could work for them. 5 Stars - EKNO

Invaluable read for any investor

This book is a must read for anybody that is wanting to maximise their returns on their investments. It explains in easy to understand terms just how much you are being ripped off by the financial industry. After reading the book and then meeting Hannah I had no hesitation in entrusting my pension fund over to her. I cannot add anything else that has not been covered by the previous positive reviews. Read the book and make your own mind up about the negative review left by the barely educated person!! 5 Stars - Matt

Very insightful read

Despite my retirement being a very distant milestone I am very grateful to have read such an insightful book so early in my career especially when I think how much advisers will make each year as a % of my growing retirement pot. As the author says, it would be better in my pocket than theirs so that my retirement will grow faster. I will continue to recommend Hannah's advice to colleagues and friends alike as I genuinely believe she understands the issues around retirement and offers both valuable and credible solutions. 5 Stars - Darren

Retirement Advice for company directors

So many of us put our faith and trust into the retirement advice we receive from advisers, but what the author shares is quite shocking and more importantly the impact of not acting on what she shares can have a major impact on your retirement planning. With interest rates being so low, we need all the help we can get to retire faster. Very informative and main points are reinforced with her actual case studies from clients. 5 Stars - Fraser Hay

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