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Do you know how much you’re paying in fees?

As an investor you would probably like to know that our portfolio of clients includes people from all walks of life.  We have no restriction on the amount of money you invest, our aim is to help everyone we touch. What our clients do have in common is a deep desire to grow their money and pay fair fees, in return for a personal and attentive service.

So why are Goldsmith Financial Solutions so sought after?

Goldsmith Financial Solutions is known for Hannah Goldsmith’s truly innovative views on the financial services industry and her commitment to transforming the lives of UK investors with low fee investing.

Low fee investing does not mean low returns, but what it does mean is that you get to keep more of your money in your portfolio and over time the benefit of compound interest cannot be underestimated.

How much do the fees you pay impact the return on your investment? It’s worth watching, we promise. It will be the most financially rewarding 60 seconds you have ever had.

Ask yourself….

Do you know exactly how much you are paying in fees and charges for each of your investments?
Are you aware of the monetary negative compound effect this is having on your investment portfolio and therefore your future wealth?
Has your Financial Adviser spoken to you and explained how you can reduce industry fees and charges and how those savings can be redirected back into your existing investments?

You may be thinking that “I already have a Financial Adviser, what benefit would I gain by talking to Goldsmith Financial Solutions?”  Our answer would be “so much”. In fact, it is “so much” that it is worth finding out why.

Could you achieve a greater return on your investment?

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What sets us apart?

  • By using the latest technologies, we’re able to cut out the industry ‘middleman’ and pass these savings onto you.
  • Our complimentary Second Opinion Service allows you to see the true potential of your portfolio, with no obligation to invest with us.
  • Our lower fees mean that however your investment grows over time, you’re left with more of your original investment in your portfolio.
  • We’re working tirelessly to save UK investors £100 million in unnecessary industry fees over the next 5 years.

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Why Goldsmith Financial Solutions?

  • At GFS we construct portfolios on a Global market basis, using Institutional "buy and hold" and Global Index Tracker funds. This approach reduces both the risk and the cost of running the portfolio, offering clients a transparent and financially efficient route to market.
  • At GFS we have embraced technology which enables us to streamline our administration, spending less time dealing with providers of services and more time offering a bespoke personal service.
  • At GFS we believe in managing industry costs by using today’s technology to cut out the middle men and pass back these savings to the investor. We do not forget that it is the investor's money, it is the investor who takes the capital risk, and it should be the investor who receives the greater reward.

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Could you achieve a greater return on your investment?

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