Low Fee Investing

As an investor, you may be unaware that since the Retail Distribution Review came into force on the 31st December 2012, the investment world has become more transparent and changed - for the better. Cultures have changed, economies have changed and most importantly technology has changed. This change has allowed the investor to access global risk managed portfolios, at a fraction of the cost of the traditional investment approach, still recommended by many advisers in today’s financial services industry.

Why wouldn't you want to reduce your investment fees? After all, many investors will happily switch energy providers or insurance companies to save a £100 a year. So ask yourselves, why you would continue to work with these companies, when they continue to charge you thousands of pounds in excessive fees and lost compounded interest, each and every year?

Poor consumer outcomes are at the top of the FCA’s agenda. If you feel your current wealth manager has your best interests at heart, you need take no action. But before you make that decision, consider our independent research below (commissioned by GFS on investment costs) and then decide if you are being treated fairly.

Do you think this is fair?

The research was calculated on a £100,000 investment over a 25 year period, using a traditional financial service industry cost of 2.5% per annum, and a GFS Low Fee Investing cost of 1.1% per annum.

In conclusion, (in certain scenarios) the financial services industry could make more in profit than the investors who took all the capital risk. Clearly this must be a broken model.

We do not think this is fair… do you?

Financial Service Industry (2.5%)

Portfolio Growth Rate 3% annual return 5% annual return 7% annual return 9% annual return










Industry Cost £65,817 £84,986 £111,232 £147,348
% cost to profit 514% 103% 58% 40%

Low Fee Investing (1.1%)

Portfolio Growth Rate 3% annual return 5% annual return 7% annual return 9% annual return










Industry Cost £34,899 £45,681 £60,563 £81,192
% cost to profit 59% 29% 19% 15%

Goldsmith believe in managing industry costs by using today’s technology to cut out the middle men and pass back these savings to the investor. It’s the investor who takes the capital risk and in order to grow their money they should be prepared to pay fair fees, in return for a personal and attentive service. However, It should not be forgotten that it is the investor's money and it should be the investor who should receive the greater reward…. Now that’s what we call fair.

Goldsmith working for investors

Goldsmith are specialists in Low Fee Investing. We understand the nature of investment costs. Our complimentary ‘Second Opinion’ service reviews investors existing portfolios and we make our recommendations on Risk, Diversification, Performance, Cost and Tax efficiency.

Low fee Investing does not mean reducing investment returns or taking more risk than the market. Our approach to designing global risk rated portfolios and our approach to diversification reduces portfolio risk by up to 31% against the industry average.  By using today’s technology to cut out the industry middle men and by passing back these savings to the investor our returns speak for themselves. Click on the graph for details.

Note future performance cannot be guaranteed and investors may get back less they initially invested.

Take advantage of our complimentary ‘Second Opinion’ service and see how much additional wealth you could create.

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