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Who is Hannah Goldsmith?

I am an independent financial advisor, with over 30 years in the financial services industry and I am standing on a wealth of knowledge... my story is valuable and my experience unique.  I have an industry insight and I know my niche so well that I have been able to figure out how things should be done for investors. I can help them become more financially efficient and offer them a transparent and consistent investment experience.

Due to recent changes in cultures, economies and technologies, I believe we are at the beginning of a major turning point in the history of the financial services industry. Individuals are now in a position to take back control of their money and break the stranglehold of the major financial institutions that have promoted products to investors over the last 5 decades and taken excessive fees for doing so.

Hannah Goldsmith


A better investor experience

I am an advocate of consumer awareness and my objective is to champion the needs of the investor - redefining the investor experience. Let's face it, no other industry expects the consumer to hand over their life savings on a 'promise', especially when that consumer has no information what that investor experience will actually cost them. Conversely, these same consumers who give away thousands of pounds to the financial services industry, would be the first to raise an issue if they had been short changed in a shop.

Through Goldsmith, I offer investors the freedom to break the shackles of the financial services industry, through confidential 1 to 1 investor meetings, public speaking events, working with strategic partners, online media and printed journals. I also run consumer awareness seminars on how to become financially efficient, and have written a bestselling book called 'Retire Faster' for Company Directors. The fact that the book reached No.3 in the Amazon retirement planning genre, confirms there is a lot of interest in efficient retirement planning.

A winning formula

My vision is to change the way people invest their money. This involves replacing the current financial services model of 'speculation', (which I believe, like many others, is now a broken model) with a model based on transparency and financial efficiency, allowing investors to regain control of their wealth and keep more of the market profits.

I have had to begin with the so called 'impossible dream' of taking on a male dominated industry. But, Goldsmith is winning and now turning the impossible into reality.  As the famous quote say’s: "The way to predict the future... is to invent it".

Every investor who joins us will enjoy a 'richer' investor experience. So, tell your friends you have found "The Thames Valley’s best kept secret."

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