I'm guessing you have not arrived at our site by accident. A friend or colleague most likely told you about Hannah Goldsmith, her innovative views on the financial services industry and her commitment to transforming the lives of UK investors.

As an investor, you would probably like to know that our portfolio of clients includes people from all walks of life. We have no restriction on the amount of money you invest, as our aim is to help everyone we touch. What our clients do have in common, is a deep desire to grow their money and pay fair fees in return for a personal and attentive service.

So why are Goldsmith Financial Solutions so sought after?

Typically, when you invest with a traditional Wealth Management company, the likelihood is that the financial services industry, could be taking just as much in fees, as they give you back in returns. In some circumstances, they could even take more. We don’t think this is fair…do you? However, it does not have to be this way…

Why would I change?

You may be thinking that ‘I already have a financial adviser’, what financial benefit would I gain by talking to GFS? Our answer would be ‘so much ’. In fact it is ‘so much’  that I promise you, it is worth finding out why.

At GFS we do not understand why investors put up with investment complexity, where as in every other part of their lives, technology delivers what they need… instantly, accurately and cost efficiently. If you find we are not a good fit then you have lost nothing. If we are a good fit, you will tell your friends, which is perhaps why you have visited us today.

If you want to find out why… let’s talk. Call us today on 0118 963 7824 or via the contact page.

Low Fee Investing

Goldsmith are specialists in Low Fee Investing. We understand the nature of investment costs. Our complimentary ‘Second Opinion’ service reviews investors existing portfolios and we make our recommendations on Risk, Diversification, Performance, Cost and Tax efficiency. Ask yourself…

  • Do you know exactly how much you are paying in fees and charges for each of your investments?
  • Do you understand the monetary negative compound effect this is having on your investment portfolio and therefore your future wealth?
  • Has your financial adviser spoken to you and explained how you can reduce industry management fees and charges and how those savings can be redirected back into your existing investments?

If you have answered NO to any of the questions above, then contact us now for a complimentary 'Second Opinion report.' Call us today on 0118 963 7824 or via the contact page.

Practical retirement planning and investment advice

Download your personal copy of Hannah’s book today from Amazon and start applying the powerful, practical advice she shares in this ground breaking book.

Take back control of your money from the banks, wealth managers and discretionary fund managers and start learning the tactics Hannah shares, to retire faster.

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